Article Of Agreement Means

designation. There are no rules for the designation of articles and sections. Many legal systems use terminology that can be easily translated into English (for example, clauses. B, sections); while avoiding, in other jurisdictions, the terminology used to refer to legal provisions and regulations. In this book, we refer to the main division level (level 1) as an article; We refer to Level 2 as sections, we call (Level 3) subdivisions of subsections, and other subdivisions (level 4) as paragraphs, elements or (even) subsections. Don`t create sections at level 5 or 6. If you need to list a fifth level, it is recommended to do so in “inline,” in execution text (and capitalized number, (A), (B), (C) or (x), (y), (z)). It is a good idea to mark references to articles and sections by the capitalization of the first letter (unlike references to articles in the statutes or other contracts). Break a section. If a section or subsection is more than six to ten lines long, you must divide it into separate subsections. In American-style contracts, the demarcation point would be much later (z.B twenty lines) or no criterion at all. If the other sections of the same article deal with different topics, it is recommended that the section be discontinued and the numbering of the second part removed. The Fund reports annually on the restrictions applicable to Section 2 of this article.

Each member with restrictions inconsistent with Article VIII, Sections 2, 3 or 4 consults the Fund each year on the continuation of its conservation. The Fund may, if it considers such measures necessary in exceptional circumstances, to argue to a member that the conditions for revocation of a particular restriction or the general removal of restrictions inconsistent with the provisions of other articles of this agreement are favourable. The member has a reasonable period of time to respond to these statements. If the Fund finds that the member maintains restrictions inconsistent with the Fund`s purposes, it is subject to Article XXVI, Section 2, Point a). Notwithstanding the provisions of other articles of this agreement, a member who informed the Fund that he was considering the use of transitional provisions under this provision may maintain restrictions on payments and transfers of ongoing international transactions as of the date of entry into the agreement and adapt to changing circumstances.