Can I Have 2 Car Finance Agreements

From a legal point of view, the responsibility for the car and the financial agreement rests with your mother-in-law, so that you can return the car to her and have it clarified with the financial company. There are no other legal cases of what you have described, but it is very likely that you will become bad about your relationship with your mother-in-law… This is the second car in three years that we have had from the same dealership with the same advice both times. I now have the impression that we have really been misguided – but I think the signed papers will cover Seat. If you opt for a PCP after giving the details of the car you want, dealers will give you a down payment and the amount you can borrow. I need a little advice, I took a car on finance (with a temporary) for a cousin as a gift. The real estate agent was aware of the situation and said it was okay. So the funding was on my behalf, on my address. We spend a lot of time dealing with all aspects of automotive financing here at The Car Expert. But there is an assumption in each application for car financing – that the person applying for the financing of the car is the owner, owner and main driver of the vehicle.

Sorry for all the other comments — sorry for the repetition of what you`ve already responded to. It seems that it is just unfair to the honest unfortunately, so the way the world is today! If a trader refuses the lease, he continues to accept a personal loan for the purchase of “cash” (not by his own financing as the same situation) – it seems that you end up paying more because the pure purchase agreements are not as good! Good morning, Anna. As the article explains, most financial firms will no longer allow it, and I am surprised that Suzuki let it happen. If your husband does not have a driver`s license, he will have a hard time getting car financing. Hello I wondered if I was doing something wrong, if I take funding for a car and get a car to my son, he will be the main driver, etc. there is something of the omcng in doing this? If you`re ready to find financing again, make an app to find out more.