Payment Agreement Cgtrader

Please note that there are two types of payment agreements – for businesses and individuals. Please choose “Sign as a person” if you don`t have a business. Hello, I`m new to CGtrader. I filled out my payment data about two weeks ago, but it still says “waiting to check” in the settings. How long does this process take? I have the same problem. I discovered that my payment contract is still “pending” more than a week later. No one contacted me for any problems. What am I supposed to do? I have the same problem… Please confirm the agreement as soon as possible I am new to cgtrader and I expect my 3D model skills to monetize – I have a good collection of 3D models. But for now, they are not ready to publish, and I don`t have time to work on them and sell my complete collection.

In the meantime, I plan to publish some free models and sell some of my models without signing the payment contract. I had to update my payment contract because I moved, received a new tax number, etc., and I haven`t changed anything in the last few weeks. How long does a new audit take? To obtain licensed payments, CGTrader designers must submit their personal or business information about their payment agreements. I have the same problem. My payment agreement has not yet been concluded. What am I supposed to do? To set Payoneer as a payment method, you need to link your existing Payoneer account or create a new account. You can find a link below on the payment contract page. If you need help, please contact us at or chat. I have the same problem and it is about 2 weeks that my payment contract is outstanding. It will be ready before the next payment.

You`re acting pretty fast, as far as I know. Good luck! The concern is that CGTrader asks for general information about personal data and does not even mention that your tax identification number will be enough to give the option to those who have doubts. If this is the case, the contract form should be amended. Until this issue is resolved, I will not fill out the contract form and will send lump sum amounts of personal data. I like many others who have expressed their concerns, who take my personal safety and my private life very seriously. I`m so happy for you can make the best cgtrader Always Do You can get royalty payments only if your payment agreement is verified. The payment agreements submitted will be verified within 1 to 2 weeks. I am pleased that the contract form has been put in place for data entry, but is all this information and all this documentation really necessary? As an individual, I occasionally sell a strange 3D model and I don`t try to go through security at the White House or the Pentagon. I think this is exaggerated for selling a 3D model. I hope that CGTrader will only ask for the legal minimum it requires.

Here in the UK, it is this and so many things that have forced the government to hold a referendum on leaving the EU. Can you tell me how many days it takes to confirm the payment contract? Because I updated my payment information almost a month earlier and there is still “Waiting for Verification.” Problem of confirming the payment agreement – social reason – Company code – the VAT ID data and I am asked exactly what I should give my auto sync payer what else ????? This requirement forced us to withdraw our models.