User Agreement Summary

It`s an effective way to get user consent and approval for your legal agreements. Make your users feel comfortable accessing your legal agreements at any time from any platform. Coinbase uses another method to get agreement from new users when they log in to use the service. If a new user creates an account, the user must enter a name, email address and selected password, as seen below: Have you ever read the terms of use with which you agree when you log in to a website? A survey shows that only 7% of users read the full conditions when they log in. The terms of use are so verbose and legalistic that it is not surprising that users do not read them. In the following example of Reddit via its official iOS app Alien Blue, a user can navigate inside the app to the “Alien Blue” tab: Some legal agreements are embedded in the App Store of the mobile app itself to look at them simply, such as the “licensing agreement” in the example below: Some have argued that most of the legal Verbi0 found in the information age is worth little more than the pixels on which it is written. Referring to the British common law, they point out that a valid contract must, at least in theory, offer the opportunity to negotiate. End-user licensing agreements – the rules governing the use of software and even hardware, which was mainly purchased and paid for – are contrary to this legal principle. However, it is possible that the click-to-accept page design will exacerbate the problem. A few years ago, Rainer Bohme of UC Berkeley and Stefan Kopsell of the Technical University of Dresden tested alternative formulations of a simple consent form with more than 80,000 Internet users. Some have been told that their agreement is necessary, and with the “I agree” button highlighted. They went 26% more often than other users who had been politely asked to participate (with phrases like “We would greatly appreciate your support” and the “yes” and “no” options represented by Lookalike buttons).