Companion Diagnostics


Companion diagnostics:

Our solutions for safer and effective therapy

CDCurrently, it is widely recognized in the pharma industry that the only solution to substantially reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and drug development, to increase the success rate of a drug reaching the market and to offer safer and more effective therapies, is to shift from the concept of a “one size fits all” drug, to the concept of targeted and personalized therapy guided by companion diagnostics.

Phenotype technology platform is a comprehensive immuno-proteomic platform that directly correlates aberrant protein expression with clinical significance.

At Phenotype Pharmaceuticals, we spent over eight years developing a set of technologies, integrating and improving their key components to address targeted therapy and ensure the development of companion diagnostics that are reliable, reproducible and easy to use and applicable to potentially every drug, to every patient subgroup and to every disease.

• We apply our proprietary technology platform to primarily assist our partners with their needs to discover, develop and commercialize companion diagnostics to their selected drugs.

• Many blockbuster drugs are falling from patent protection one after another. These drugs, like all drugs, tend to be very effective for a sub-group of patients, yet less effective for another. At Phenotype Pharmaceuticals, we are applying our platform technologies to discover and develop companion diagnostics to these blockbuster drugs, so that they can be prescribed to the patient population that will most benefit from it, insofar extending the patent protection lifespan of the relevant drug.

We believe that our process to discover and develop companion diagnostics for any therapeutic indication, for any disease, and for any sub-group of patient population is faster, cheaper, better, reproducible and reliable than current genetic-based assays.

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