News & Events

Phenotype has matured over the years from its inception to these days both at the technology and business level.

This is a historical synopsis and high lights of Phenotype major events.

2001 Phenotype was incorporated in the State of Delaware.

2002. Phenotype set up its objectives to become a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to biologic therapeutics.

2004. Phenotype dedicated its resources, to put together a technology platform that will allow it to decipher the human proteome.

2005. Phenotype enters into agreement with INNSZ to have access to major pathogen free animal facility and its entire veterinarians and animal technicians to produce and immunize 5000 mice on a monthly basis

2006. Phenotype applied its technology to generate monoclonal antibodies in high throughput fashion to undisclosed Milagen cancer biomarkers for the early detection of cancer and for its management.

2008.  Phenotype completed its proof of concept for its technology platform and applied its discovery process to discover and develop a portfolio candidate targets for potential therapeutic application.

2009. Phenotype completes preclinical studies of its first therapeutic monoclonal antibody against breast cancer and colon cancer.

2010. Phenotype enters into an agreement with the IBT-UNAM (Instituto de Biotecnologia en Cuernavaca, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) to develop a humanized monoclonal antibody.

2011-2012. Phenotype extends the application of its technology platform to COMPANION DIAGNOSTIC using high throughput production and screening process of monoclonal antibodies against clinical samples.

2013-2014. Phenotype made COMPANION DIAGNOSTIC a major focus of its business  and extended the application of its technology to extend IP cycle to block busters drugs.

2015. Phenotype consolidate its business strategy on three major issues (a) Companion diagnostic to assist novel therapeutics;(b) Companion diagnostic to block buster drugs and to (c) its portfolio to targeted therapeutics.