We believe that our technology platform is particularly suitable to discover and develop companion diagnostics to targeted therapeutics to possibly any clinical indication, any disease and to any therapeutic drugs.

Phenotype’s Presentation (PDF) 

Platform1Phenotype Pharmaceuticals is an innovative biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of companion diagnostics for targeted therapeutic for major life threatening diseases.

At Phenotype Pharmaceuticals, we apply our proprietary technology platform, primarily to assist our partners with their needs in developing companion diagnostics to selected drugs for selected diseases, and also to develop companion diagnostics to selected and already established blockbuster drugs, and to our own proprietary targeted therapeutics.

We have developed a powerful technology to generate in high throughput fashion highly specific monoclonal antibodies to most proteins expressed by a human cell. We use these libraries of monoclonal antibodies to differentially screen patient clinical samples and correlate specific aberrant protein expression to a particular clinical indication.

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