Terry Carlone, JD. Corporate Attorney

TerryCarloneTerry Carlone has broad experience as both an attorney and senior executive. As an attorney, he has served both in private practice and as in-house counsel, with a focus on capital formation and offerings, securities law, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, licensing and energy regulation. He practiced with Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. (where he established the firm’s D.C. office), McDonough, Holland & Allen, and Weintraub Genshlea & Sproul in Sacramento.

In addition to CleanWorld and Synergex, Mr. Carlone has also served in-house with Alexander & Baldwin, Inc., a publicly-traded multinational corporation involved in ocean shipping, agriculture (sugar and coffee) and real estate development and management. He also was a co-founder and chairman of a hydrogen fuel cell company providing clean electrical backup power for cell towers internationally; co-founder and president of a technology licensing firm focusing on university-developed inventions; co-founder and president of an international manufacturer and marketer of biomedical-based skin therapy products; and real estate development and asset manager for a company with more than 2.5 million square feet of improved retail, industrial and office space and more than 90,000 acres of unimproved land.

He serves on the board of directors of Synergex Ventures, CleanWorld, NeuroPro Technologies, Inc., and NutraGenomics. Terry received a B.A. from Northwestern University and a J.D. from Georgetown University. He has been involved in the community through work with various non-profit organizations.